Are we failing to prepare our players adequately?

Over the course of my brief coaching career I have been fascinated with the individual player’s execution of the basic skills and the techniques needed to make them work under pressure. During this time I have spoken to many coaches and players at various levels of the game to find out about the correct techniques needed to execute each skill … Read More

Have players forgotten why they play the game?

I think school boy players have lost perspective about sport, their place in the game and more importantly why they play the sport in the first place. Teenage boys place a vast amount of importance on what team they play in, how good their team is and how good they are individually compared to another player. This is nothing new, … Read More

Passing technique, even at professional level, is often very poor…

“Passing technique, even at professional level, is often very poor. How do rugby players who earn a living from the game not know how to pass a ball so that the receiver doesn’t have to stop/jump/dive forward/reach behind him to get the ball?  Skills development is sadly neglected in South Africa and is a symptom of a deeper problem that … Read More