SPONSORED RELEASE: Having used many of the RugbyIQ videos and resources in the past I was happy to help them re-launch their website. 

Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA – One of the world’s leading rugby training websites has been revamped as a mobile-friendly platform dedicated to free rugby drills and tutorials in which the world’s rugby community, including leading coaches and players provide expert content.

All of RugbyIQ’s [] video content is reviewed and vetted by the experienced Rugby IQ coaching staff as well as the online community who have the ability to rate every drill and tutorial they view or use. Through this community based rating system and expert reviews users can expect to only see relevant content that will support all the skills needed to play the demanding game of rugby.

RugbyIQ is the brainchild of Greg Commins a former representative player (Western Province & Border), who partnered with The Sharks Director of Rugby Gary Gold and former Springbok Strength Coach Steve McIntyre (World Cup winner 2007) to offer the online master classes and tutorials, suitable for everyone from beginners to professional players and coaches.

What has made RugbyIQ so appealing to international audiences, particularly in those countries where rugby’s popularity is growing exponentially, is the fact that absolutely no subscription fee is required – the content is completely free to view by any school, club or union anywhere in the world.

The RugbyIQ team prides itself on offering specialised guides that tackle every possible situation that may arise in a game, whether in the 15s or 7s format. Where paid sites detract from training and skills analysis by presenting random, often irrelevant content, RugbyIQ gets straight to the heart of the game by providing insights that assist in the conditioning of players and coaches both on and off the field.

“We have recently redesigned our site to focus exclusively on the kind of drills needed to excel at the highest levels,” Commins said.

“An extensive part of the redesign has been to make the content mobile-friendly. As coaches ourselves, we fully appreciate that the modern game has needed to keep up with technology, and that these days coaches and players stand field side armed with content that can assist them in their game strategies. We are thrilled that the site is able to assist them in this regard.”

The revamp has brought in the potential for players and coaches to upload their own videos to the site, affording users the opportunity to stay up to date with the latest training methods and drills.

With user-generated content being such a crucial part of global communication today, Commins recognised that drawing videos from different parts of the world would only enhance the user experience, introducing the rugby communities to ideas and methods they might not have considered previously.

“We live in an age of global connectivity, and it is important that we take full advantage of that. Rugby’s popularity is growing at an astonishing rate around the world, especially in countries that 10 to 15 years ago most people would’ve thought had never even heard of the game. It’s wonderful to think that there might be drills being developed in those nations that we haven’t even considered, which is why we’ve provided the option for users to share their own methods with the world.”

Drills designed to hone skills in both defensive and attacking play are presented by the rugby’s leading authorities in a series of easy-to-use videos, enabling coaches and players to emulate the training methods employed by the best teams in the game today.

The site also includes inserts such as nutrition tips from the likes of World Cup-winning All Blacks brothers Ben and Owen Franks, and advice from Super Rugby giants like The Sharks and Hurricanes.

“Rugby has become a science, with every aspect requiring special attention to maximise output on the field,” Commins said.

“The nature of today’s game is such that failure to master techniques and understand the precise elements that make a winning team will leave teams lagging behind. At RugbyIQ we sincerely believe that this know-how should be made freely available to coaches and players, so that the global game may grow and produce the kind of talented players who will be celebrated for generations to come. Registration with RugbyIQ is completely free, so join us today to put your school, club or union on the path to glory.”