Pre Season training no.1

First off I must say that I am impressed with the way the boys trained today. They showed that last seasons results are in the past and that they are prepared to put in the hard yards in order for the team to play to their full potential. I saw a nice spirit evolving within the team even when they were tired. The energy sappers were not apparent today and it is something we will work very hard on to eradicate forever.
Some of the boys are very fit with Justin, Josh, Jono and Michael leading by some distance. There were others who are fit but I would like those who were just behind them like Shane, Logan, Rory, Ben, Richard and Struan who should aim to catch up and beat the front runners as soon as possible. The rest tried hard which is good to see, but they need to put in lots of hard work in the next 7 weeks so that the squad can progress to the next level.
I honestly feel that the foundations of success has been laid today and hope the squad can up the intensity for next week.
Having said that, the boys who did not turn up are letting the side down badly. The main annoyance is that some of them were regular u14a members. I have stated the coaching staffs intentions about picking the boys who put in the hard yards and we mean it. If your not prepared to put in the hard work then you are not worthy of pulling on the SACS u15A rugby jersey. Your commitment means more to us and to the team than any other factor you may have going for you. We would like to see a full squad of 30 boys at next Sunday’s (7 Feb) practice session.
So for those who did not turn up for any reason you are now 1 week behind the others. The more you miss the harder it will be to catch up. Keep that in mind.
So well done to those who came, I hope you enjoyed it and now feel that the team is going to do much better than before!
Practice your passing and kicking and work on your fitness!
See you all next week!