The Punt is used to either kick for touch or to shift the focus of the game to another part of the field normally deep into the opposition territory.

· Take the ball in front of you and turn it 45 degrees while dropping the front part of the ball 45 degrees
· Place your kicking foot hand underneath the ball with the other hand supporting the ball
· Non kicking foot points towards the point that you want to kick the ball towards
· Ball falls from your hands in line with the kicking foot
· Toes are pointed with foot hard
· Feet, hips and shoulders are in a straight line

Kicking leg must follow though. Aim for a target beyond where you want to kick the ball

[youtube id=”l_1UUNIwYEI” width=”700″ height=”500″] [youtube id=”PazJjTLF0a4″ width=”700″ height=”500″] [divider /]


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A. From the point X kick ten balls down the 10m channel
B. Take ten kicks from X1
C. Shift to the 5m channel and kick from points X2 and X3


[/toggle] [toggle title=”EXERCISE 2″]

A. Take five kicks at X1 for right foot kickers to target A
B. Take five kicks at X2 to target B
C. Repeat for C and D
D. Left foot kickers to exercise in reverse order


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