To execute a scrumhalf pass that is consistently powerful and accurate you must ensure you have the correct principles and mechanics fully understood and engrained from hours of practice.

A good scrumhalf pass has the ball leave the hands quickly with the ball travelling in a horizontal position travelling to the exact point wanted by the receiver.

Model of a scrumhalf pass:

1.) Ensure the ball is on the inside of the back foot-this helps provide some leverage; a big mistake is to have the ball in the middle of your feet-this results in a loss of power or the back lift.

2.) Place more of your body weight on the back foot

Correct stance with back foot next to ball

Correct stance with back foot next to ball

3.) Point the leading foots toes at the target, this creates a clear pathway for your hands and the ball, and it stops you from pulling around your leg.

4.) As you start your pass transfer your body weight towards your leading leg

5.) Stay low and look at your target.

Notice the head is up and he is transferring his weight to the front foot

Notice the head is up and he is transferring his weight to the front foot

6.) Drive the ball along the line of your leading leg while focusing on your target

7.) Your weight should now be on your leading foot

8.) Use your front hand as a guide to the target

Ball is being passed, notice how low he is and his eyes are firmly fixed on the target

Ball is being passed, notice how low he is and his eyes are firmly fixed on the target

9.) Snap your wrists on release to create spin

10.) Finish on balance, with hands pointing at the target ready to move to the next breakdown ect

The final body position, notice he is still balanced

The final body position, notice he is still balanced


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-This is a very good drill that teaches the basics of the pass without worrying too much about the weight transfer

-Scrumhalves should start with this drill when learning the scrumhalf pass

-Ensure a helper or if none is available use the rugby poles, or a marker about the height of the hip when standing

-Put one knee on the ground and the foot leading.

-The ball should be placed next to the knee

-The correct basics should be done as regards the hand positions and weight transfer

-Swap legs around to use the other hand

-Ensure both hands are passing, with the weaker hand doing many more

-About 20 passes off the stronger hand and 30-40 off the weaker hand is a good warm up

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Scrummy Races“]

This drill requires four players, two scrumhalves and two receivers

-Set up two lines of cones down the touchline about 10-15 mtrs apart, parallel to each other

-You need 1 ball each

-This is a race, both scrumhalves start as shown, they then pass the ball to the receiver. As soon as the ball has been passed both the scrumhalf and receiver move downwards onto the next cone.

-The scrumhalf then passes the ball again from cone B to the receiver who is now on cone C

-This carries on down the field and the up again.

-The winner is the scrumhalf who crosses the start/finish line first

Red dots are the scrumhalves, Blue dots are the receivers

Red dots are the scrumhalves, Blue dots are the receivers

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Triangle Pass“]

-This drills is with the Scrumhalf and a receiver only

-This  drills aims to improve the scrumhalves pass by repetition passing to a receiver

-The scrumhalf stands in front of the ‘Ruck’ with a ball at his feet, the receiver stands at the red cone about 10-15 mtrs away

-The scrumhalf runs around the green cone and comes back to the ruck to pass the ball to the receiver

-The scrumhalf carries on doing the drill for a set number of passes +- 30 on each hand

-Just swap the cones around so that the other hand can be used



-Have the receiver running on to the ball at pace

-Put a defender next to the ruck to pressurize the scrumhalf

-Add pushups, burpees ect before each pass

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-Have a partner or two to help you at all times, maybe your teams flyhalf and centre for example

-Practice with the ball being stationary, rolling, under pressure, wet (use a bucket with soap to replicate wet conditions), high ball, passing with your back to the opposition ect. Variety ensures it becomes as match like as possible

-Make sure every pass you give is better than the last, and if you are passing the ball around for fun with friends try to make those passes perfect as they all count

-Work with your eighthman practicing pickups from the base of the scrum

-Always try to be with the forwards when they do set piece work (scrums/Lineouts) as you can communicate with the forwards on the type of delivery you want and expect

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Some useful aids:

Tennis ball:

-Passing tennis balls from the floor replicates the foot and hand position for a normal scrum half pass.
-Use a target and aim the ball at about the height of a player’s midriff.
-The pass needs to be flat over a longer distance, meaning the ball will have to be swept away.
-Mix passing the tennis ball with a rugby ball to develop timing and accuracy

Weighted balls:
-Weighted balls can be used to the develop strength for the scrumhalf pass
-Crouch into the passing position
-Lift the ball up to each shoulder in turn, around 20 reps per shoulder (1 set)
-Have a minute rest and repeat twice: 3 sets with a 1 minute rest in between each set.
-The choices include a weighted training rugby ball, medicine ball, plastic two-litre bottle filled with sand
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  • Zac

    how do you get your pass to go further? And how do you add more power to make the pass flatter and faster? Cheers :)