After 10 Years of Coaching Here’s What I Think I Know

What I think I know about coaching

It’s been 10 years since I first fell in love with coaching when I stumbled upon a group of 7-year old’s whose coach had not turned up. You get those moments in life when something just clicks and without a shadow of a doubt it was one of the best things to ever happen to me. Coaching has been tremendously rewarding and … Read More


SPONSORED RELEASE: Having used many of the RugbyIQ videos and resources in the past I was happy to help them re-launch their website.  Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA – One of the world’s leading rugby training websites has been revamped as a mobile-friendly platform dedicated to free rugby drills and tutorials in which the world’s rugby community, including leading coaches and players … Read More

Coaches Please Shut Up And Listen!

Coaching seems to breed a sense of arrogance that many a coach may not even realise exists; an arrogance that comes about as a result of an engrained dogma of superiority whereby the person in charge believes he possesses the necessary answers or direction to help those under him succeed. This superimposed superiority hinders more than it helps, stagnates or … Read More

Do you know WHY you do WHAT you do?

Ask yourself that question right now. Can you answer it easily? Does it make complete sense to you? Could you explain it to anyone at the drop of a hat? If you can answer that question with clarity of thought you know WHY you do WHAT you do and everything you do comes back to your ideals. If you could … Read More

The most inspiring moment of my coaching career

It’s done. I am now at the end of an epic European tour that I have wanted to do since the middle of this year. It did not come about easily and took many sacrifices, but I can only describe this tour as one of the best decisions I have ever taken to advance myself both personally and as a … Read More