Place kicking is one of the hardest skills to get right, but with constant practice and dedication it can turn into one of your most potent skills. A succesful goal kicker is invaluable to any team on earth. A goal kicker who converts 80% and over is worth so much to the team, in points contribution, demotivating the opposition, making them more careful at the ruck (giving us the advantage) and providing energy to his team when their efforts are rewarded with points ect. There can be no limit as to what the successful goal kicker adds to the team, his other flaws will be forgotten if he converts the winning conversion. Unfortunately he gets berated the most if he misses. So practising and ensuring you won’t let your team mates down is vital.

Kicking Tips:
Placing the ball: The angle of the ball should be slightly tilted towards the target, though some kickers will prefer the ball to be more upright.

The landing area: The non-kicking foot must land on a firm piece of the turf. Try to make sure the surface is even and dry. This needs careful placement of the kicking tee. Stamping down the ground next to the tee can also help.

The targets: Don’t aim for “between the posts”. Try to pick a specific target in the background.

The run-up: There is no exact science here because the shape, size and skills of kickers are all so different. The run creates the momentum to kick.

The non-kicking foot: This should land next to the ball with the toe facing the target (or just outside).

The kicking foot: Aim to hit the ball just below the middle, on one of the seams. Coaches talk about a “hard foot”. Pointing the big toe helps create this feeling.

The hips: These should be facing the target at the point of contact.

The eyes: From the start of the run up they should never leave a specific point on the ball.

The follow-through: Kick through the ball towards the target and let the leg follow-through on this line.

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