Very many players believe that they can take as many supplements as possible without any problems…thinking like this can be very dangerous to your long term health!

Supplements have their place in sport, BUT you should seek to eat properly first. You need to understand that supplements means just that… supplement your nutritional needs. You can build muscle just as well without taking any supplements as long as you’re eating 100% correctly. Training properly is the ONLY way to the top!

There are many supplements out there that may harm your health and this is because the supplement industry is self regulated, meaning the government does not regulate this industry. This means that what the manufacturers say is not disputed or verified by the proper regulatory boards, so at the moment we have to believe and trust what they tell us.

REMEMBER you are responsible for what you take! If you get tested and you turn out positive for banned substances then you WILL be banned! Ignorance is NOT taken as a legitimate excuse!

Please read the supplement guideline properly as it provides a practical guideline for the use of supplements, creatine explained, anti drug policies in sport, supplement grouping (It explains which supplements have been proven to work, which ones haven’t been proven to work and ones which are illegal) You may be shocked to see that most sport supplements on the market are actually in haven’t been proven to work group… which is interesting as the supplement companies would have us believe we can’t train without them!

The supplement guideline is from SARU where Dr Ryan Kohler, Dr Ismail Jakoet, Professor Tim Noakes and Shelly Meltzer provided input.

Click HERE for Supplement Guideline