Pre-Season No.2


What an AMAZING session! I cannot even begin to describe how amazing the boys were today! I never thought the spirit in the team would evolve so quickly, but it has and it’s going to get even stronger!
I have so much faith in this team and I really hope they can get an even stronger spirit going. The only way they are going to succeed this year is if they forge an incredibly strong team bond that will hopefully guide them towards achieving their full potential. I was impressed at the way they took responsibility for the upcoming season and are showing maturity in the way they approach the fitness drills.
There is still some evidence of energy sapping and negativity, but it has improved dramatically from last year.
The squad succeeded in passing the ball without dropping it for 2 minutes, which made the boys and I seriously stoked!
I have never ended a rugby session so amazingly strong and positive before. I actually cannot wait for the rugby season to get started so that these boys can show off the massive improvement they have already made!
Now they know, for the first time, what it feels like to win an important game…and I hope it becomes extremely addictive!
The effort every single player put in today was immensely satisfying, knowing that everyone is pulling his own weight, working hard trying to become a SACS U15A team player. The session was not an easy one, with plenty of fitness, but all came through well. There are still some very unfit players, but they are making good strides towards full fitness. All the coaching staff want is for the players to give absolutely everything they have at each and every training session and match, as we believe this is what it takes to play regularly for the U15A team.
Lets hope that the boys can keep up the awesome progress they have already made, and will strive for being the best team man they can be. TEAM FIRST, then ME.
The A team squad will be selected in two weeks time in preparation for the Brackenfell match in March.
So keep up with the hard work boys and I will see you all next week Sunday!