Pre-Season no.3

Well an interesting session, had only 20 boys turn up which is not encouraging as the 1st match is in 36 days time. The boys that are not turning up must realise that we are starting to cover the more technical aspects of the game so that by the time the Brackenfell game comes around, the players wanting to play A team will be able to demonstrate what they have learnt. The players that are not pitching up are going to fall more and more behind technically, so for those of you who wish to play A team, you need to attend!
The boys who did turn up did well today, they trained hard in the fitness component, understood and applied the basics of the breakdown and tackled their hearts out. Unfortunately they were far too tired to complete the drill at the end, with the drill taking 25mins to complete the required 2mins and 30seconds of passing without dropping the ball. However I was impressed that they did not get negative towards each other even after numerous dropped passes, but they must begin to set their own quality standards for themselves as well as their teammates. It’s unacceptable for players to continuosly make mistakes without taking responsibility. In the end the team suffers and it’s unfair on the others. Team first, then individuals. So if you were one of the players who continuosly made mistakes then you have an obligation towards your teammates to fix them as soon as possible.
I thank the boys who turned up today and who trained hard. I hope to see you all next week, as we are selecting a preliminary A team squad of 25 players, so it’s time to pitch up and train hard!
Practice your passing and your catching this week so the team can do better than today’s session!