Pre-Season no.4

I’m pleased with today’s turnout, all of them regulars which bodes well for the season ahead. Having more than 20 boys turn up on a Sunday afternoon means they are taking their rugby seriously this year, which makes the coaches job a lot easier!
The theme today was to set standards as I believe the boys let themselves down last week, by continuously making simple mistakes. I know they can become a force to be reckoned with this year if and only IF they set their standards very high. They cannot accept mediocrity at practices if they aim to achieve better results than last year. So with that in mind I saw the boys up the work rate more than last week, but I must stress that it is not at the level required to be successful in this league. I have to continuously stress the importance of keeping focussed and maintaining a high level of intensity in each and every drill they do. I believe that the boys need to start setting their own standards, hopefully higher than that of the coaches! I expect players who aim to play in the A team this year to have a high level of discipline in the way they approach their training, I want them all to lead by example. Once everyone achieves the high standards we as a team set, the results will follow. This is not easy to achieve, but I would like all the players to start setting their standards so that we can up the intensity at practices.
I hope the boys had fun today, they wrestled and took the breakdown further by cleaning out the jackler, did the fitness well especially the 5 mins in heaven and began to pass like they actually know how to.
So I’m pleased with today’s session, thank you to all who turned up and trained hard.
Lets up the intensity for next week, as we are starting to get more technical setting the structures in place for the season ahead.
See the next post for the provisional squad of 25 boys. This squad does not mean the boys excluded have no chance of making the A team, all it means is that I am naming a team who I believe have been putting in the hard work. I must stress that anyone can force their way in to contention for the A team even if they are outside the squad.
We will be trimming down the squad to 22 for the duration of the year and anyone can be brought in or dropped from this squad.
Train hard, practice your passing and kicking and I will see you all next week!