Pre-Season no.5

Well a bit of a disjointed session, not a bad one by any stretch of the imagination however. 19 boys turned up, with many away for cricket trials or waterpolo (damn summer sports) but the ones that did arrive put in some good work today.
The forwards that did turn up started with the absolute basics of scrumming. Their knowledge of scrumming is not too bad which bodes well for their quest to become a formidable unit, however their knowledge was not transferred into their body positions. Most are very weak in their legs and as such battle to maintain the ideal position for long enough or even at all. If they are to become a top scrumming pack they all need to work on their leg strength asap! Once everyone can maintain the ideal scrumming position then and only then can they progress to the next level and realistically take the u16A pack on. Until that day however they have A LOT of work to do! It is up to each player to begin their conditioning if they want to play for the A team. It was not all doom and gloom however with 1 or 2 players managing the correct positions and a few others that will be able to be perfect by the time of the Bosch game, but it is up to them to take it upon themselves to get there.
Next week the forwards will meet again at 2:30 to progress the binding and set up with some hits being done, depending on body positions. So lets see how much work the boys put in during the week, it will be interesting as I will be able to spot any improvement very easily.
I will also be filming them so come prepared!
There was very little fitness today as we need to start getting a bit more technical before the brackenfell festival. We started working on our support structures and the cleanout, it is very technical, with most coaches saying it is far too hard for u15s to do, but after what I saw today I disagree. I think they will be able to manage the support and quick ball cleanout easily, which will in turn make us very successful this year. If the boys get their decision making right at the breakdown they will be a few steps ahead of the opposition they encounter this year. So it up to us, the coaches to make sure this happens!
The backline had a chance to practice by themselves today so as to give me an idea of where they are with regards to their running lines and passing. Needless to say we have lot’s of work to do, but nothing more than the forwards. Their passing needs work as all were not accurate enough to be a successful attacking side. We will work extensively on their knowledge and application of their running lines as this is the key to the team doing well this year, as they will need fast front foot ball to play exciting, winning rugby.
So to those who turned up today thank you, practice your passing everyday, forwards get those small legs of yours bigger and stronger and get ready… first match is in 19 days!