Pre-Season no.6

What an extremely hot day for rugby!
But the boys persevered and we ended up having a very good practice. Yes it was a bit long, but as our first game is in 12 days, we have a lot of work to cover before then.
The rate of progress the boys are making is astounding, considering how they ended last year, they are looking like a completely different team already, and we haven’t even scratched the surface of their potential yet!
Every session the boys are impressing the coaches more and more, they are extremely quick learners and are very keen to become better rugby players. I have no doubt in my mind that they will produce an exciting brand of rugby this year if they keep the work rate up and never settle for complacency.
Today’s session went on longer than I wanted it too, but when the boys are learning new and complicated basics of the game, time needs to be spent on achieving a total understanding of it, otherwise the boys will never get better. The boys trained well today, especially considering the heat was unbearable, so I thank them for their efforts.
The scrum is looking good, taking a bit longer than I thought to get it right, but the basic set up is coming along nicely, while the body positions of the weaker players has improved nicely. They all need to work very hard on their leg strength as it is the weakest aspect of the pack. Weak legs = a poor scrum… so hard work needs to be put in asap!
The rest of the session was devoted to learning the basics of defence. Defence is an extremely difficult aspect of the game to get right as it requires a lot of concentration and decision making, but the way the boys handled the basic shape and alignment today was impressive. They understood the requirements of defence as well as the aims which indicates that the boys know more about rugby than they think they do, which again proves my point that they have been playing way below their true potential.
From what I saw today I think the u15a team will definitely have one of the better defences this year, providing they can, and are keen to make their tackles.
So the defence is looking good, and the ruck is getting better, but we can’t take it further until the summer sports are finished, which is putting us back quite a bit, but nothing that will be too serious. As soon as the summer sports are over full contact begins and we can get down to coaching rugby properly.
The cricket players start full contact this coming sunday, while the Mazinter polo boys will be doing controlled contact as we cannot send them into the Brackenfell match without having done some form of contact.
So on that note myself and Mr Jones will see you all next week same time, same place for the final Sunday session before the first match!
Lets make it a good one!