Pre-Season no.7

Well that was the last Sunday session before the Brackenfell match this coming Saturday and I don’t think it could have gone better. Yes it would have been nice if the Mazinter cup polo players could have all attended and done the contact, but other than that all the boys did well today and the session flew by very fast.
I still cannot believe how quick and fast these guys learn, every time we do a complicated part of the game they just pick it up so fast. The scrums and lineouts look like they have been doing them properly for a year, it’s incredible…maybe we have the smartest forward pack in history? Anything is possible!
The defensive structures are looking good after only two weeks of the basics. Some basic errors here and there, but the more we practice the better they will get. So far it looks like they will possess the best defence in the province, provided we tackle the best!
I liked the energy today as the guys looked like they were keen to learn and improve, it really does feel like every week they are becoming better rugby players. I can only imagine what they will be like after having 4 practices a week! 1 word… machines.
All I ask is  now that summer sport is almost finished completely, the boys need to start taking responsibility for getting themselves fit , because if they aim to do very well this year, they have no choice but to be the fittest team in every game.
I am very excited that the rugby season is upon us so soon! 33 days till our first league match which is very exciting!
Practice starts this week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
We want to hit the ground running against Brackenfell so get amped!

Thanks to those boys who have trained so well for the first 7 weeks of pre-season…. now the hard work begins as you are all full time rugby players now! Be prepared for a beast of a holiday pre-season!
Now is the time to become the rugby players you were all meant to become!

See you all tomorrow!