Boland Landbou

There is an old adage that says a week is a long time in rugby, and this proved to be completely true for the u15A team. Exactly a week ago I was sitting at my computer taking out my frustration in my weekly blog about the problems and difficulties I have been experiencing coaching at SACS, and this week I … Read More

Paarl Gym Match

I have been around SACS for a while now, from my school days to my coaching here, and for a while now I have been fascinated about the psyche of our rugby teams and players. I am determined to find out what it is that holds us back from performing against the so-called stronger rugby schools. I do not believe … Read More

Paul Roos

The winters day matches versus Paul Roos are always an extremely tough environment for our players to test themselves, and can expose the true nature of  individuals and teams. Playing against the best will always be the true measure of how successful and well prepared you as an individual and as a team are. As usual SACS teams were horribly … Read More

Bishops Match

As usual this team never ceases to astound me. I am still battling to explain or even understand yesterday’s match. The way they started the match was so terrible, I was completely dismayed and at a loss for words. When you know what a team is capable of you hope they see and understand it too, and pray they are … Read More

Rondebosch Match

On a beautiful Autumn’s morning, the boys took on the might of the Rondebsoch u15A team, who previously had decimated Paarl Gym by 30 odd points. From the outset things looked hopelessly against the team, they were apparently bigger than us, faster than us and stronger than us, and based on last years results…. they were much better than us. However, the … Read More