Pre-Season no.5

Well a bit of a disjointed session, not a bad one by any stretch of the imagination however. 19 boys turned up, with many away for cricket trials or waterpolo (damn summer sports) but the ones that did arrive put in some good work today. The forwards that did turn up started with the absolute basics of scrumming. Their knowledge … Read More

Pre-Season no.4

I’m pleased with today’s turnout, all of them regulars which bodes well for the season ahead. Having more than 20 boys turn up on a Sunday afternoon means they are taking their rugby seriously this year, which makes the coaches job a lot easier! The theme today was to set standards as I believe the boys let themselves down last … Read More

Pre-Season no.3

Well an interesting session, had only 20 boys turn up which is not encouraging as the 1st match is in 36 days time. The boys that are not turning up must realise that we are starting to cover the more technical aspects of the game so that by the time the Brackenfell game comes around, the players wanting to play … Read More

Pre-Season No.2

WOW! What an AMAZING session! I cannot even begin to describe how amazing the boys were today! I never thought the spirit in the team would evolve so quickly, but it has and it’s going to get even stronger! I have so much faith in this team and I really hope they can get an even stronger spirit going. The … Read More

Pre Season training no.1

First off I must say that I am impressed with the way the boys trained today. They showed that last seasons results are in the past and that they are prepared to put in the hard yards in order for the team to play to their full potential. I saw a nice spirit evolving within the team even when they … Read More