Stellenberg Match

Well, not exactly the start any of us would have liked, but considering it’s the first game of the proper season it could perhaps be excused. Losing is never the best outcome especially in competitive sports, but losing must be taken into context. I personally think the boys played one of their better games for a very long time and … Read More

First 22man squad and sleepover

Howzit guys, I have been taking a break from my blogging as I have had far too much work to do planning the season etc… so I’m back and here to congratulate the following boys who have made the sleepover and thus the first 22 man squad for Stellenberg. So here they are: Howzit guys, I have been taking a … Read More

Brackenfell Match

Well that was a disappointment to lose the first match of the season, although it was not entirely unexpected. The week leading up to the match was one of disruption as we had 5 waterpolo players, all of them starting, only join us on Friday. Obviously this had an effect on preparation, but summer sports come first and they had … Read More

Pre-Season no.7

Well that was the last Sunday session before the Brackenfell match this coming Saturday and I don’t think it could have gone better. Yes it would have been nice if the Mazinter cup polo players could have all attended and done the contact, but other than that all the boys did well today and the session flew by very fast. … Read More

Pre-Season no.6

What an extremely hot day for rugby! But the boys persevered and we ended up having a very good practice. Yes it was a bit long, but as our first game is in 12 days, we have a lot of work to cover before then. The rate of progress the boys are making is astounding, considering how they ended last … Read More