What is Mental Toughness and why do YOU need it?

Written By: Stuart Pattison Until recently, enquiries into the phenomenon of Mental Toughness were inundated with the commonly-held notion that Mental Toughness was a ‘big cliché’ within the sporting world. Numerous researchers have pondered over how broadly applied the term Mental Toughness is, coupled with it being one of the least understood phrases in sport. The situation today is somewhat … Read More

Are you making the most of your time?

Are you making the most of your time

In my previous two blogs I discussed the statistical findings from one u16 team over one year, followed by the planning required to make the most of the time available with your players to cover all aspects of the game, including player skills. In this blog I will discuss how I run my own practices and what I believe makes … Read More

Are you planning to fail?


Following on from last week’s blog (A statistical analysis in schoolboy rugby) where I presented the statistics I had researched over a year with one u16 side, I will stick my neck out a bit and discuss how I believe practices should be planned and run. I use these plans in in all my own practices and it must be … Read More

A Statistical Analysis Study on School Boy Rugby

Throughout the last few weeks I have been lamenting the lack of skills in schoolboy players as well as opining my reasons for this shortfall. (Are we failing to prepare out players adequately?). I have also spoken about my belief that team practices should rather be based on individual skills instead of the current focus on game plans and unit … Read More

The Close Games are Usually Lost, Rather Than Won

  “Games are mostly won because of the opponent making mistakes during crucial moments”[1] I am a massive fan of John Wooden’s teaching and coaching methods. If you have not heard of him, I would suggest coaches who are keen on improving their coaching abilities to look him up and read his books. John Wooden was the legendary basketball coach … Read More