Flipping Fantastic!

The traditional way of doing video analysis has usually been for the coach to sit their players down and go through the game footage with them and pin point areas where they could or should have done better. The focus of these meetings is usually focused around errors the players have made and because of this an intensely negative environment … Read More

The Role of School Coaches

So what is the role of a school coach? Has anyone ever told the country’s coaches about their role as coaches in the development of our youth? My guess is that they have not. So where do these coaches fall into the national development plan and what are they supposed to be focussing on? School coaches undeniably play a massive … Read More

Do coaches see errors by rugby players as weaknesses?

I recently asked the question ‘Do coaches see errors by Rugby players as weaknesses?’ the other day on Twitter (@RossRugby) after I wondered why Rugby at almost every level has become so structured with coaches taking ever more control of attack, an aspect of Rugby that was once solely controlled by the players’ decisions on the field. Why has Rugby … Read More

Should players know more than the coach?

Coaches should know everything, right? And shouldn’t the players do what the coach wants without question? No. I disagree. I think that the players should know more than the coach and that they should be making the decisions. Here’s why…… The traditional way of teaching and coaching has usually been for the teacher and coach to know everything and the … Read More

The Caretaker Coach

My understanding of a coach is one who places the individual first, who aims to improve each individual under their care as much as possible to become the best player and person that they can be. I believe the coach should challenge and stimulate each player through learning and development that aims to exceed both the player’s current abilities as … Read More