Let us play! A players perspective

The opposition knock the ball on and we are rewarded a scrum just inside their half of the field. I check with my centers to see if they are keen to have a crack. Of course they are. I call an attacking move and the message is conveyed to the forwards. Suddenly, I hear one of our coaches yelling my name. I turn to look, and I see him signalling to me to kick the ball into the corner. I don’t understand. We have two of the best attacking schoolboy centers in the country, and wings that were selected for their deadly finishing. Why do we want to play the game without the ball?

The Pigeon Holed Player


Rugby as a game has been commonly romanticised as the sport that caters for all shapes and sizes, no matter your ability there will always be a place for you in the game, but is it really still a game that accommodates all types? Rugby has changed dramatically over the past few years with players now bigger, stronger, faster and … Read More